// Location: Maman Cafe, 239 Centre St, New York, NY

The story about Elisa and I all started back in Toronto. She was working with Scotch & Soda doing their PR, and I was running around the city freelancing and taking photos of my outfits for iCandi [my previous blog]. Over a lunch one afternoon, Elisa told me she was leaving me and taking off to London to live with Ben [her bf, and now her business partner at Maman]. A week later she emailed me, and told me she was moving to Ibiza to do wedding planning [her dream] for Experimental Cocktail Club [a cocktail bar Ben and his partner's own]. About a couple months later she told me she as joining me to live in New York City to open another cocktail bar. Fantastic news.

Since then, Elisa and I would have dinners and talk about our design dreams. Aside from wedding planning, her dream was to always open a bakery. In fact, she used to have her own cupcake business when she lived in Montreal. And then boom, a year later Maman was born. Love how all of her attention to detail from wedding planning has transferred into the Cafe. Obsessed with the decor.

The week I was finished textile design at FIT, I got a phone call from Eliza from Ibiza [haha that rhymed], she told me the news about her Cafe, and asked if I would do the print for it. Obviously I said yes, and I can't believe how well everything came out.

Here are photos from Media day [yes, I still enjoy picking up the camera]. You can see the rest of the prints here!

Ohh and one more things, there are new horoscopes up!

x -C