// LATELY 10.27.14

// 10.27.14

It's 11:30 pm. I literally just walked in my door from 9 am this morning. Not too abnormal for a New York day. Maman has started to open up their nights for private dinners. Tonight was a tasting. Let me tell you, delicious. Perfect way to end a long day. I met some incredible people tonight. All from such different backgrounds, all doing such incredible and inspiring things. It's nights like these that make me hate New York for making me exhausted, but love it all at one time for introducing me to people I would have never met anywhere else. 

Lately it's been catching up on sketches for new designs, birthday celebrations with the boyfriend, and Selfies wearing Farrah. I've started to wear my chuncky jewelry again too. Maybe it's time to start designing something different? Rings perhaps? See, brain is constantly moving. Time to shut it off. It's bed time. I hope you had a lovely day. Talk to you in the morning. 

x -C