// PHILLY 11.8.14


Our first stop on our road trip to Philly was a tour around his old Uni... sorry, college campus. It brought me back to the days when anything and everything felt possible. I still feel that way, sometimes. Living in New York City alone has obviously brought on other stresses and pressures. Grown up bull**** [pardonnez mon Francais]. A refresh button is always a good feeling. We drove down to Geno's where Dan introduced me to a real Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. It was so delicious that I got it all over my hands and black scarf.

We drove by the famous Rocky steps. Which was pretty awesome since Rocky was a family favourite growing up. The rest of the trip was spent just walking around. To all my Canadian peeps, how similar are those photos below to corners in Toronto or Montreal.

The night was spent with introductions to all of his college friends. Whom I hated. Kidding. Dan's friends are just as incredible as he is.

Alright, that's all. I hope you're enjoying the day! x -C