// LATELY 11.6.14

// 11.6.14

Hayyy Thursday. Almost time for some TGIF fun. Almost. This is my life lately. I'm back to the drawing board with a new textile surface design project, this time for Toronto. I'm really excited about. I am also getting back on my writing game. My last few articles were with Preferred Magazine. Same editor [we can call him Mr. G], different magazine. He is giving me complete freedom with what I can write about. Which is awesome considering New York has so much to offer when it comes to it's underground secret-ness and awesomeness.

Mmm what else has been going on with me? Dan was a sheep for Halloween. I had to include that photo. I mean, he just wore it all too well.

I've been working on new jewelry pieces with sterling silver chains! Everything is in just the beginning stages, but I'm starting to really like what it's transforming into. 

Farrah has been getting a lot of wear lately with this fall weather. I'm wearing Farrah today on my Club Monaco dark green plaid jacket and it's sparkling marvelously on this rainy day in New York City. Alright, that's all. Hope you're enjoying the day so far!