// LATELY 12.10.12

// 12.8.14

My walk down Bleecker street to Dan's last night looked like this. New York kills it during the holidays. Lights and markets everywhere, the smell of Christmas trees ahh. The only thing that needs to change is all the rain we've been getting. W.tee.f winter weather, where's the snow at?

This is my life lately. The fam and I went to the Brooklyn Nets game Friday night. Clearly three days too early. Beyonce, Jay Z and the Royals Kate and Prince Will were at the game Monday night. It sucks because B would have loved me. Too bad.

It's finally time for my pom pom hat from Show Me Your Knits. I was so excited to put it on. So warm and cuddly inside. I've been spending time in Brooklyn once a week at a textile studio. It feels good to be surrounded around crazy creative people again. Artist [real artists] really are the nicest people to be around.

I'm getting excited for the new year. A fresh start is exactly what I need. 2014 has been a whirlwind of emotions for me. New York City has been an excellent teacher/mentor/friend [sometimes]. Alright alright, I'm going to stop talking now. New Horoscopes are up! Read yours here x -C