// Location: London, England 

Hayy, good morning Friday [takes a sip of her coffee]. I'm still curled up in my bed wearing Dan's over-sized T-shirt. Kinda wish I could sit here for another few hours before moving. I am not exactly a morning person. Very few words manage to come out of my mouth before two cups of coffee. Anyway, I've been trying to push myself over the past couple weeks to get new designs done. I made a deal to myself that I would get three done per week.

I've got four done in the past two weeks.

I came to the conclusion this morning that I'm in need of another European adventure for some inspiration. I just want to wake up and look out my window to a new view. Any creative New Yorker will tell you, staying in the city for too long is not good for the brain. There is something about getting on an airplane and landing in a country with a different accent that gets me excited. I haven't gotten lost in a city in a while, and going the wrong direction on the F train doesn't count.

My thoughts at the moment: How much is a ticket to London Heathrow airport? And then how much is a plane ticket from London to Italy?