// Location: Candice Kaye Studio

I'm a sucker for coffee table books. So much so that I've been sitting in my room for the past two hours looking through them all. I'm two coffees deep and starting to feel the caffeine. I'd love to make one these one day, each post from here can be one page in my book. Let's call it, "The journeys of a Canadian trying to make it as a textile designer in the big bad city". I guess it would only be a sell if it ends in a happily ever after. 

I ended a chapter yesterday, leaving a fashion development company to pursue a life solely in textile and design. Felt nice to wake up this morning and return to my usual routine as a freelance designer. I had a deadline this morning for a very special project I can't exactly tell you about yet. Soon hopefully. Cross fingers. I'm excited for this new phase in my life. What will this new year bring me? New York likes to give me many unexpected surprises, not always the most pleasant. But it's taught me how to be pretty much ready for anything. 

I'm on way future coffee table book. x -C