// Christmas Day 

At around 6:15 pm my family and I pile into our cars and head to one of our favourite parties of the year, Christmas Eve dinner at my grandparents house. There is nothing I like more than homemade red wine, tracking Santa Claus, playing bingo, telling stories and then heading home giggling from the amount of homemade wine we drank. This year I have to admit, I drank a little more than I needed to. No headache Christmas morning though. Good for me. 

It felt so nice to take my camera out again. New York has stripped so much of my creativity away from constantly being on the go, my mind forgot what it was like to slow down. I slept the first two days home. I haven't been doing very much since. Laying around, ladies nights, getting in my car again and listening to music while sitting in traffic. Traffic, the one thing that I hated most pre New York, was so enjoyable. My sisters and I have been listening to a Serial Podcast on Adnan Syed's murder case. Adnan was a arrested in 1999 for the murder of his ex girlfriend. 15 years later, producer Sarah Koenig explores the case again. This time, it looks like she's been doing a better job than the police and investigators did at the time of the murder. She's starting to discover that some of the dots are not adding up.  Side note: In my next life, I'm coming back as a lawyer. Is Syed really guilty? I personally don't think he is. And neither does my sister [who is a criminal lawyer herself].

Anyway, here are a few photos from Christmas Eve bingo fun and Christmas day at our house. It's so nice to have little kids running around. Nothing makes Christmas more exciting than reliving the magic all over again from their eyes.