// 2014

// Photo: Jose J. Martinez

Hello Monday. My morning has been spent on my couch, listening to the Lumineers while looking through my photos of 2014. I have a lot of things to get done, and yet this seemed to be the only thing my brain felt like doing. I've been collecting moments, and photos from 2014, preparing for my annual 'new year' post. I love doing them. Some years I did nothing but travel, I think one year I traveled to Europe three times. Then the next year end post had not one travel adventure on it, no exciting new projects, just a year filled with hard lessons and maturity. That was definitely my hardest year yet. It's healthy to look back and reflect I think. How else can you learn and grow without taking a moment to evaluate what the past year taught you, and what you want the next year to teach you.

I found a couple sketches from a while ago that I started drawing. Funny how those sketches are now inspiration for my new projects for 2015. I've been adding to them and editing them etc. 2014 has been up there with the a lot of learning and hard work stuff. Hopefully I've built some sort of base for myself that I can now start crafting and building my style. The hardest thing I've felt as a designer is trying to find my own style/voice in a world controlled by social networks. 

I bet you're wondering what that chicken is doing in my photo above. It's a little hint to my newest project for 2015. Anyways, here's a little sneak peak into my year end post. I'll have more up tomorrow x -C