// 6 AM

// Location: Candice Kaye Design Studio 

Good morning :) My morning usually starts quite early, depending on of course how tired I feel. I'm not a morning person. For the past little while my days have been spent at a Fashion Development Company, where my hours start at 9:30 am, and end around 8 pm ish by the time I get home (new york hours). So all my designing/ creative thinking takes place early morning, weekends, or after work!

My New York schedule has made me fall in love with my 6 am wake up sessions. My most creative moments happen then. Maybe it's because my brain is too tired to go ADD on me that I'm able to focus on just one thing. Anyway this morning was one of those. I've started to paint the christmas cards! They will be on sale at the end of this week! 

Ok, time to get ready, wwhat to wear.

Oh oh, and there are new horoscopes up!