Summer recap

Besides working like a crazy person the day FIT ended, when I look back to May, a lot of fun things have happened. 


Not sure when I decided to go natural with the hair on my head, but it's become my summer look. Diffuse and hairspray that's it! I've made my hair blonder, and let my roots grow out just a little. Maybe it's because of the surf vibes when the heat hits. I'm subconsciously evolving my look. 


I just recently learned that I'm allergic to red wine. I know. It's awful. But, in return I've turned to other alternatives. When Dan was studying to fall asleep some nights *cough* every night *cough* he would pour himself a glass of whiskey. I've caught on. Just because I want to be as cool as him. Whiskey and a big ice cube [with a touch of water].

Taught myself how to build a website

It was time to grow up, iCandi and I knew it, so did Farrah and Calixte. It was an annoying and frustrating process, but really fun collecting everything I have learned in the last couple years into one website. 


Ring Layering has become my new most favourite thing. One Saturday morning while I was sitting at my favourite coffee shop working on this website, there was a lady sitting beside me with not only the chicest outfit on, but the coolest ring styles. Her wedding finger didn't have the typical diamond, there were layers of vintage diamond rings. Haha, looked pretty expensive. But I fell in love. I've never really been a diamond ring person - gold bans were always my thing. Not after I saw hers. 

New York Weekends:

This whole new york culture of weekends away, I'm totally digging. My weekend to Montauk with the ladies was just such a good time. It's like Cottage every weekend but with really fun bars, and beaches and surf people everywhere.

Jersey shore...Jersey, Jersey, Jersey. When I first moved here I knew I wanted to Hamptons on the weekends and be all chic and stuff. That's when I met Dan. Then I went to the shore, then I fell in love.. with the shore. 


The only thing missing from my summer. My family. Weekends home aren't enough. Life is just a little bit more fun with them here. 

Ahh, summer I'm missing you already. I am pretty excited about fall outfits though. I'll be at the shore all weekend again. I shall talk to you on Monday! 

x -C