The story of The Cupping Room began four years ago when my girlfriend Sandra was modeling in New York City. I was thinking about exploring the world of art directing, so she suggested I join her in a 7 Up shoot. She introduced me to one of her photographer friends, the incredible David Drebin, and I worked up the courage to ask him for coffee. He told me to meet him at the Cupping Room on the corner of West Broadway and Broome.

The conversation we had I'll never forget. Some of his advice I didn't agree with, but I understand why he gave it to me now that I live here. Ahh and I remember my outfit perfectly. I had bangs back then, I had my hair up in a high pony, bright blue blazer, baggy jeans, runners and my Dee & Ricky lego heart brooch. The first thing he said to me was that I looked too innocent for New York City.

Anyways, after that whenever Tina and I would go to New York for one of her Lawyer things we would always make sure to have breakfast at The Cupping Room. Funny enough, I literally live four blocks away from it now.

The best brunch in Soho.

p.s. It's Wednesday, which means new horoscopes! x -C