I envy people who take the time to look after themselves. I wash my face, brush my teeth [good for me right?], moisturize morning and night aaand that's about it. I read about face masks, and special oils, and different plants you can eat or put on your skin to make it glow like an angel - I have never glowed like an angel. My nails have been spending their time unpainted lately as well. Between my full-time hours and freelance, the nail salon can wait. My older sister Tina gets her nails done every Friday. Every.single.Friday - impressive. 

Last night I decided to make a change. I painted my nails red and was going to make the time to use my very expensive exfoliator Tina had gotten for me a couple months ago. I opened it just to find out it had dried up into what looked like a hard candy ball. I swear I had the entire jar left the last time I checked. Depressing. Also pretty incredible that an entire jar of exfoliator has the potential to look like candy if left for too long. Anyways, that's my Monday morning story. I hope you had a good weekend. For those of you who are off today due to the holiday. I am jealous. x -C