// Where it all begins. 

Every design starts with a sketch [and coffee]. I literally have little flowers and leaves scattered in every corner of that sketch book. I have two currently rotating. Makes sense right. One of them dates back to about four years ago. I try to date everything I do to keep track of my progress [just noticed this one isn't]. Some of my old sketches.. let me tell ya - u g l y. Anyways, it's Wednesday. Happy humpy day! I'm flying home this weekend for Mama's bday and a photo shoot day with Roots! I'll make sure to keep you updated with posts! Oh, and I'm booking a reso at Colette? for Saturday night. A new Parisian style restaurant in Toronto? The photos look delicious. I love how T.Dot is finally stepping up it's game. Ugh, I miss my homeland. 

Also, new horoscopes are up. Read yours here. x -C