// 1.22.15

// Life Lately

Lately: Last night I ran to Maman Cafe after work, put on a Maman apron, and helped Elisa serve one of her private events. If you haven't seen Maman yet, it has the cutest back area perfect for private parties, birthdays, engagement parties, baby showers etc. Last night she hosted Founder Made [at the end of this event, I ended up being the worst server ever, all I wanted to do was eavesdrop on their conversations and secretly eat Maman's delicious menu]. Anthony Casalena was there, the founder of Squarespace. I swear I had every intention to gracefully thank him for such a wonderful platform. I didn't. Instead I told him I used squarespace super awkwardly, then paired my super awkward comment with a super awkward smile. ANYWAYS, before we started to serve the first dish, Anthony stood up and told his story. This Superbowl will hold his second Squarespace commercial, costing his company about $150,000. Pretty incredible considering his company started out of his dorm room 9 years ago with a $30,000 loan from his parents [God bless our parents].