// Location: Studio

New Yorkers - how did your 'biggest storm in history' day go? It felt as if New York just felt like taking a day off. The streets were perfectly fine. Not complaining. It was nice to have a quiet day in the city.

Piecing together a custom tile design. The process - I like to draw all my flowers [motifs] onto little cut out pieces of tracing paper so I can easily rearrange them while designing. Next step is to re-trace everything onto another sheet of tracing paper just to re-trace it again onto watercolor paper over a light box. Then the fun begins. Painting [most likely while watching a cheesy movie]. After the painting is completed, I scan it in at high res, drag it into photoshop to edit/clean it up, and repeat it into a beautiful looking tile. No short cuts allowed in this process, which is why textile designers [well the few I know] really enjoy their wine. 

Anyways, it's Wednesday, which means new horoscopes are up! Click here x -C