A multi-million dollar company that started from eBay and a personality that makes me what to find her in LA and suggest we become friends. It has taken me a while to find a new book. I'm usually in the mood for a love story that leaves me crying by the end of it. A lot of change has been going on in my life lately, so I was looking for something that will keep me in the right mindset. It's hard to constantly motivate yourself, especially when you're the only one who can see your goals. That's when I stumbled upon Sophia Amoruso's instagram. The founder of Nasty Gal, and a feed that made me say "cool" out loud. A couple scrolls down I found out of her book, read a couple pages on Amazon saw the word "bullshit" and hit "order". This isn't a book about how to start your own business, or how to dress, thank god, it's about a woman who got a job as a security guard checking ID's at a school because she found a hernia and needed health insurance to get it cured. She's street smarted her way through eBay selling vintage clothing and was making more in a week than I do in a month, and then turned her eBay business into a international success all before 30. What interests me about this story is that it's possible and not crazy and there is proof. Finding Sophia was the perfect case of Serendipity. If you're in the looks for something similar to this I highly recommend getting it. #GirlBoss Happy Monday! x -C

[photo: @sophiaAmoruso]