// Sweat it out 

This is me - post run. I believe I'm listening to Drake's new album, orr Fight Song on repeat. Probably Fight Song. While on my run I was thinking about life, and New York, and how incredible it is that I live here. I often times forget that I do. I was thinking about how happy I am that it's October. Anyone else have a messed up September? It's definitely been a very weird/changing/decision making month for me. It felt like it lasted for one year, but at the same time max three days. I introduced myself to meditation, and i've been sticking to them. If you haven't tried and want to, I highly recommend it. Centers your mind, and allows you to connect to your most present self. Running around feeling busy can and will definitely throw you off and keep you distracted from what your body really needs. I'll stop getting all "the meaning about life" and shit, but I learned something really valuable that I needed to share with you. It's about the meaning of "hard work" and it's connection to your true success. I used to think hard work was the key to everything. The secret is, "hard work" on it's own can really get you nowhere. It's the direction you choose to put your hard work that will make progress. I know it sounds pretty obvious but working 17 hour days doing the same thing [talking about myself here] in hopes that things will change is definitely hard work - but pointless. Really pointless. It just creates a routine of zero growth and zero change. Yes, I've been extremely fortunate to be apart some really incredible projects. But what if those project got 100% of my time, creativity and energy, what growth will that bring ;) I'm ready for drastic changes. I need them to build what I came to New York to build. Just something to think about. Happy TGIF ya''ll x -C