// Location: Hardrock - Punta Cana

I just landed in Toronto and it's freezing and uncomfortable. Mostly because I thought it was a good idea to travel in sandals. It's not a good idea. Ever. It's been a while since I did an all inclusive, six to seven years long time. My favourite part about the week [besides the wedding of course] were the easy-slip-on-whatever-you want outfits. Big hoops, red lips, high heels, white and black leopard pants - all acceptable. No noisy subways, or taxis, the warm nights let you wear whatever you wanted, with the exception of frizzy hair that - that was my only option.

Although I couldn't fully unplug from work [we just launched the shop] it did feel nice to lay in the sun and day dream about all the new things I can't wait to be doing in the new year but now back to reality I need to focus on the right now. Likeeee the launch party tomorrow at Love The Design. I'm so excited to 1. Celebrate in my own city, and 2. Celebrate in my own city. It's going to be a good time. I really hope to see you there! It's bed time for CK. Talk tomorrow x -C