I'm back in New York City after an hour of being held up at the border [I'm Canadian with a VISA], and two hours stuck on trains + taxi to my front door. I had a huge heavy suitcase, and two carry on bags. It was not the prettiest sight. Shout out to the kind man who helped me lift my bag up a flight of stairs. The escalator wasn't running. #NewYorkLife am I right? I woke up this morning slightly sore and excited to tell you all about Friday night. The launch of Collection N Twelve in Toronto. For the first time my family and friends got to see what I've been working hours and sleepless nights on here in New York. But - before I get to the party stuff, I wanted to take a second to talk about Friday. The attacks on not just Paris, but the rest of the world. Isis scares the shit out of me, I'll admit it. Even writing the word "Isis" makes me feel weird. It's like a living Voldemort from Harry Potter. Isis killed just about 129 people on Friday night in Paris, and 43 people in Beirut. In Syria, people see this number of deaths every day. With blood on both sides Syrian people are running, but now with no where to go as borders are closing. Rightfully so, the terrorists are fleeing with them. Which just makes things so much more complicated. There are people out there risking themselves and their families for a better life just to get stopped and told to turn around. I've been reading essay after essay on this issue, and still feel extremely naive to speak publicly on my perspective. So I pray for those in charge to make the best decisions, I pray for Paris, for Beirut and for all the Provinces Isis has declared. I don't know about you but I can't read anymore on this. It's too real and scary, although #WeAreNotAfraid.