// Gift Wrap

So I have a confession - I hate wrapping gifts. Seriously I'm really bad at it. I guess it's more of I suck than "hate". I always seem to leave too much or not enough paper on the ends of my gifts. I can never get that folded side finish you see on Pinterest.  I initially decided to turn Collection N Twelve into gift wrap for the holidays for my own selfish reason of camouflaging my wrapping abilities. Then I got them printed, that rolled into opening a shop, which rolled into setting up a photoshoot for the shop. That's generally how things work, a small idea usually explodes into something the initial idea was never intended to be. Anyways, getting to my point - when I was setting up the shoot I had to wrap a couple boxes. I'm not going to lie, my wrapping looked A+. The paper just folded the way I wanted it to, and the design sort of just did all the work for me. I'm not trying to say my work is amazing, I'm just saying there is something to be said when you put that extra bit of work into your gift giving. Attention to detail is always appreciated. I'm printing a new design that will launch in December :) Stay tooned! x -C