// London, England by: Tommy Ton 

It's been a while since I've flipped through street style photos. After shooting Fashion Week here in New York while I wrote for Preferred Magazine, I was sort of turned off by it all. 1. Almost all of the photos are staged. Yes, I've seen models gracefully run across the street several times just to get the right photo, and 2. Well, I guess I felt it was time to put the camera down and actually attend the shows. There is something pretty incredible about sitting in the photographers pit though. Ugh who am I kidding I'd rather be working dressed in a shitty outfit than sitting front row in heels anyways. It's a sickness. Unless it's Chanel or Alice Temperley, I'll put on heels and sit front row any day. Back to style - I was flipping through the famous Tommy Ton's photos on Vogue this morning with my coffee, and started to fall in love all over again. Street style still isn't like it used to be- when Scott Schuman was the only one running around the streets - but these photos are close to them. Erin Wasson is such a Boss. x-C