// #TBT

// Location: ACC, Raptors Dance Pak

I woke up this morning feeling like my bed was more comfortable than anything else in the entire world. I jumped out of it though, put on Adele ["Remedy" is my new favourite song right now], and stepped into the shower to wake myself up. Yes my body is sore from running across town four times a day this past week for the Wallpaper install, living out of a little weekend bag, and bouncing from hotel to hotel - but back in the day, I used to go to school, work on my days off, and then spend my nights at rehearsal or on court. Nights of rehearsal would include jamming routines into my head, and nights of dancing on court usually followed with a late night out in Toronto with the ladies. It's times like this [when things get crazy] that make me miss dance pak days even more. I was forced to dance no matter how tired I was. I need to get back into that routine. Back into dance class, or maybe even soul cycle, I've been dying to try that. It's important to find something that clears your head for a good hour or two. Too much is no good. Too much dancing is always good. I've made a deal with myself to get my body looking like Gigi Hadid [unfortunately it never actually will because she's a model, and I have gymnastic muscle legs, but it's a good unrealistic goal to have]. Anyways, throwing it back on this Grand Thursday. It's a sunny beautiful day in the city. December I am liking you mucho. 

X -C