The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was take the Jeep [I've been reunited with my Wrangler and it feels glorious, except for the fact that it now smells like boy. My brother has taken it over, Maple Leafs mats and all] to TIm Hortons to order myself an extra large coffee. Extra large so I can heat it up and continue drinking throughout the day. I then put on Taylor Swift's 1989 tour and thought perhaps I should wrap my gifts. My mom ordered like fives rolls [bless her heart] so I stole some :) Taylor just gets me. She thinks big, and remains herself while thinking big. The difference between her and I is - she actually is a big star, and I can't sing or play the guitar for my life depended on it. If you haven't watched the tour yet, it's something to see. It feels so nice to be home, I actually haven't moved from the living room all day. My body is exhausted from the last month that I'm giving myself and my brain some much needed R&R which explains the late afternoon post. There are new horoscopes up if you haven't read yours yet. x-C

p.s. if you didn't order gift wrap in time for the holidays, the shop is going to remain open for special occasions. Mothers day is coming up!