// Location: New York, New York

These are my views this morning. New York looks quite lovely from up here. The sun was just rising in the city when I opened my eyes this morning in that comfy king size-hotel pillows-hotel bed. Brought me back to the days when I would travel to New York for a weekend. I forgot how luxurious this city can be. Life has thrown Dan and I a little curve ball - more like a life inconvenience. With a new design to launch, a couple freelance gigs to get done, meetings, and a full wallpaper install to arrange for next week + a full time job - all has been put on hold just for a day or two. Free Starbucks coffee and the Wall Street Journal at my front door this morning is slowly making up for it. It's funny how life works. Just when I thought I was checking things off my list and getting ready for a calendar free weekend to do Christmas market things, "nope- no chance" [that's life talking]. According to Pinterest: "It's not what happens to you, it's how you deal with what happens that determines your outcome" [or something cheesy like that] Anyways, this is where you will find me for the next day or so, my silver lining. A comfy hotel bed on the 29th floor in New York City with a windows that span around the entire bedroom to this view.  x -C