Tim Hortons is the coffee of choice when at home. So is using my mom's kitchen as my studio to hang wallpaper samples. Sorry mom. I can't believe it's almost time for me to go back to the big bad city. These past two weeks have been Heaven. Opening my eyes in the morning whenever my eyes feel like opening is the definition of Heaven. I'm spending most the day working on tomorrow's New Years post - my favourite post of the year. After tomorrow I'll be shutting it down until January 4th. I'll be on Snap [ckayedesign] and insta @_candicekaye_ if you feel for following along.

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!! It's been a pretty incredible one. Thank you for your constant support, don't think I don't see my views per day. I still sit a disbelief when I see them. I'm just a normal girl trying to make something of herself. And in the process talk on this Squarespace website that I made myself in order to keep my thoughts in order. Here's to another incredible year together. Very thankful I'm not on this crazy journey alone. Now go check your Wednesday horoscope x -C