// Location: My desk

I just refilled my coffee mainly to keep my hands warm. It's cold at my desk. These winter days of 0 degrees F in New York don't mix well with the old buildings surrounding the city. Hints of freezing-ness soar through the cracks of the windows [you should step into my little apartment in Greenwich village. Freezing]. For those of you who don't know, I work full time as a graphic designer at Holland & Sherry. It's a beautiful company filled with young and hip designers who have good taste and know their fabric. We sell everything from high end rugs, to wallpaper, to upholstery, to embroidery - which is actually designed by the fabulous Nicolas Chambeyron, who was the designer for Christian Dior. His work is amazing. I spent a good 30 minutes just standing  in front of his work in the Holland & Sherry showroom at the D&D Building.

This 'full-time job' [two words I never thought I would say], keeps me busy all day - and then all this other stuff, my stuff - Candice Kaye Design/freelance/meetings/collaborations happen when I get home + on weekends...