// Location: McKittrick Hotel

I got off at the wrong station Friday night after work to meet Dan at the off broadway show - Sleep No More. We had dinner plans at 6 pm sharp and it was 6:02 pm before I realized I was lost. With a combination of jogging and sprint walking, I made it from 37th and 8th to 27th and 10th out of breath and sweating. I am so out of shape. 10 blocks and two avenues really shouldn't have been that difficult. Dan and I finally sat down at the Heath, the restaurant attached to the Hotel. Two cocktails, a full tummy and we were ready for show.

I have been dying to see this. Sleep No More is an interactive play with incredible dancers, no speaking, and a 'stage' of 6 floors. It took us a while to understand that we had to actually follow the characters in order to understand the plot. The best part is I could go back about three or four more times and see a completely different story each time. Definitely a must see. Happy Monday x -C