// Outtakes from The Style Line interview [photos: Bridget Badore]

I've never really been 'interviewed' before. Yes, I've been on TV and did the whole photo shoot thing, I've been behind the camera- in front of the camera, but never asked questions, shown my work and try to smile/ look somewhat presentable while doing it all. Firstly, I can't believe how white I am, secondly my painting face is funny looking. I never thought my cheeks were that big either. I really hope the 8 am Sunday morning call time has a lot [everything] to do with it. Bridget Badore, the photographer for the shoot, was lovely enough to send Elisa and I some extra behind the scenes photos. Thought I would share them with you. [isn't Maman Cafe beautiful looking] 

Anyway, It's Wednesday which means new horoscopes are up! Read yours now!

[what my face looks like when you show me a new video app]