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Easter eggs! That's what I was asked to do as a DIY project for Preserve.Us. "Ok, ok" I thought, "I'll do an easter egg with a Candice Kaye Design flare - obviously". Step one complete. Now, what to do? I literally surfed Lauren Conrad. com 'How To' videos for like an hour until I found nothing. All the easter eggs I saw online were like tie dyed, or decorated in stripes, or really boring. Again nothing. So, I went to my sketch book and looked up the easiest flower to paint.

All you need is a cheap dollar store paint brush with a thin tip - paint [naturally - I used gold], and with each brush stroke you make, are the peddles that will create the easiest flower invented. Voila! The idea is to layer the strokes of paint on top of each other to create texture. I used a lot of Gesso [imagine it's like white paint that dries super thick].

The photos in this story are just beautiful. Elisa and I had such a good time showing Preserve.Us how we do arts and crafts. Thanks for the story guys!! It's amazing! x -C