// Location: Maman Cafe, Soho, New York

 Hi! Above is from earlier this morning - a 6 am call time with the Preserve.us team and Elisa. Early yes, but totally worth the fun and there really isn't anything coffee can't fix. Elisa [co-owner of Maman NYC] and I are will be doing a series of features with Preserve! You can expect Elisa's delicious recipes, watercolor flowers, and photos of me that make it look like I'm an amazing baker. Give me a brush and some paint and I know for sure I can whip up something pretty - hand me baking tools and you'll be sure to receive a look of confusion followed by a nervous laugh. Just a little encouragement is all I need really. Maybe a cooking class or two... or eight. I'm very excited to share everything we've been working on! I'll make sure it get it on here right when I see it.

In other news, it's Wednesday. You know what that means already though. Click here to read your horoscope. x -C