// Location: Yacht Week, Greece

Good morning. It's 6:39 am at the moment. I just filled my coffee and curled back into bed. Another rainy day in New York and it's making me want to stay here all day. Since life has been nothing but work lately I started to look through old Facebook photos last night of when life was all about travel, clothes, and travel. So much more enjoyable. I tell myself that I'm working this hard now so I can return to a life of travel, clothes, and travel. [takes a sip of her coffee] You know that quote that pops up everywhere on social media, "in your twenties... make sure you travel, explore..." or something like that, well I really hope you do. I can remember the first time I landed in Europe. I was in London. You realize just how big the world is, and just how much you haven't seen. You don't need to be "in your twenties". Just get out there.