// Location: Wythe Hotel, Brookyln 

Doesn't that city look beautiful? Filled with dreams, hope, and wonderful parties. Now, let's look closer. Like real close. Doesn't look so magical does it? Well, let me tell you a fun little story about this morning. I woke up around 6 am to get some work done before heading to work. I was putting on some coffee, and then headed to the bathroom to brush my teeths and wash my face. I opened the bathroom door, and found a cockroach chillin' on my rug. So naturally I screamed and shut the door. It took me 30 minutes and a phone call to my boyfriend for some moral support/a secret cry for help to come to my rescue [he didn't], to open the door again. I threw a towel over Mr. Cockroach and stomped as hard as I could. It definitely woke me up. Ladies and gentlemen - the glamorous life of living in New York City. Good morning : )