// Collection N Eleven - Studio Nights

Hello, happy Tuesday. Beach vibes, beach hair, bikini living, suntanned skin, and cocktails that taste like your view, is exactly what I need right now. I really just need a break from it all - a beach view would be a plus. My skin has turned almost green it's gotten so white. Roots sweats, glasses of whiskey on ice, and hitting my head against the wall on three last designs needed to complete the collection is whats up lately. I know exactly what I want the collection to look like, I just can't seem to transfer whats in my brain onto paper...not literally, that would be gross.

My boss has a stack of design books located on top of his desk that I've been eyeing since I started working at Holland & Sherry. Last week, while he was on his lunch break, I stole a bunch and left a sticky note on his computer "I stole your books and I'm not giving them back" for when he returned. One of the books was called "Russian Textiles of the 1800's". I loved everything about it. The detail was just gorgeous. So, I went home and started the entire collection over again. 

It's easy to keep motivated in this city. Imagine a constant battery recharge until your head hits the pillow. Creativity on the other hand, I'm finding very tough. I need a clear mind in order for new ideas to come through - which can explain my desperate need for a road trip to the middle of nowhere. Preferable some place hot. A music festive would do just fine as well. Let's just hope I can get this all done before the launch of this collection on May 5th. Wish me luck! [takes a sip of her coffee while imaging herself in a tropical paradise]

x -C