I picked up the "4 Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss about a week ago. It's my newest subway read/new obsession. I read this book about a year ago - but just now am I am finding it relatable to my life. I woke up to this view this weekend, and in this photo I'm sipping on a coffee while thinking about whether or not the clouds will go away making room for a day filled of clear skies and sunshine. This right here is luxury. The older I'm getting the more conscious I have become towards my choices and decisions. I want the four hour work week, not the 60-80 hours that I'm working now. Part of Tim's direction forces you to reach out to people you have only dreamed about working with or meeting. I am pleased to say one of the 10 people that I've emailed got back to me today. Pretty incredible feeling. I'm excited about what's to come. Will I stay in New York? Will I decide to travel the world which can only make my work well rounded, or will I be doing something that is completely insane like flying to Paris to help decorate Chanel's 2017 Runway show with Karl [that sounds fantastic]. The stories I've read from this book have really changed my point of view, and it's this point of view that I'm wanting to explore more. Anyways - just some afternoon coffee talk x -C