// Collection N Eleven 

Hi Hi, happy Thursday. I've been sending off samples of Collection N Eleven to a few magazines lately for their upcoming fall shoots! Very excited that publications are into the collection. My newest project takes place in the East Village. A newly renovated powder room. The idea is a non repeatable mural that will run about 7FT long. Sort of like the Rendezvous Mural design, except a lot more detail. I've been working hard on getting the sketches perfect. I'll give you a sneak peak once I start painting. Can't wait for my Saturdays to be filled with nothing but design again. I feel like it's been non-stop travel for me, which are making my days longer, which can explain why I'm feeling under the weather. Feels like a case of the strep throat. I swear I got strep once a couple years ago, and it keeps on coming back. Anyway! If you haven't seen the collection yet, click here. If you're interested in getting some wallpaper up, email me at any time, kayecandice@gmail.com x -C