// Collection launch tomorrow 

Good morning guys! It's almost 7 am and I'm already on my second cup of coffee - couldn't sleep/ wanted to finish editing photos from a kick ass makeup/photos/Candice Kaye Design jam sesh Rachel, Holly, and I did Saturday evening. Above is an outtake from the shoot [I'll have more photos up later this week]. Rachel's apartment is so New York - white walls, large windows and a view that looks out to pretty New York buildings, it was the perfect shooting space. It was also nice to take my camera out again. I've been so caught up with all this design stuff that I forgot all about my handsome Nikon. Speaking of design, I've been working really hard these past couple months getting this collection together - which officially launches tomorrow for media. It's definitely been a testament to my stre... my everything. How hard I was willing to work, or how much time and energy I was willing to put into my work was completely up to me, and to be honest I never really understood how much pressure that could be. I purposely kept this collection at five pieces for this reason. I wanted to make sure I spent time on every piece. Each color chosen, each flower and leaf painted were all painted with careful detail and purpose. 

Beyond all this hard work, and [a lot of] moments of self doubt - the process of putting together this collection has been the most rewarding couple months of my life. The most exciting realization for me was that I could even put something like this together - and with this realization I am certain this is just my beginning. Which is why I signed myself up for an embroidery class starting in June. It's time to show this world what I gotz. Happy Monday peeps. Can't wait for tomorrow. 

x -C