// Racetrack

Place me at a roulette table and I'll walk away a richer woman [I'm lucky with numbers], bring me to a racetrack and the opposite was proven to be true. Maybe it was just not my lucky day. It was my first time at the racetrack and I loved it. Everything was so pretty and clean. It reminded me of the clip in Gabrielle Chanel's documentary, minus the location, South of France, and the beautiful outfits and big hats. Perhaps one day. Dan tried to teach me how to bet, I won $6.00. I did enjoy how long your money can last. Play $2.00-$12.00 bets while sipping on $6.00 cocktails and you have a day well spent. Dan and I were in Jersey this weekend. It was nice to get out of the city and smell fresh air. Happy Monday! x -C