// Coolest show I've seen in New York yet.

As a birthday gift Dan surprised me with two tickets to Fuerza Bruta. An off broadway show he saw an ad for in a taxi a while back. He knows me well because I loved it, how could you not. One of the coolest shows I've seen in New York yet. For Valentines Day he took me to Sleep No More [seeing a trend here?] a very cool concept, but nothing as creative as this. From a man running on a treadmill with doors thrown at him, to ladies playing in a huge water tub on top of you, to the dancers swinging and yelling from the ceiling, it gives you a 360 degrees experience. If you're in New York for the weekend and are looking for a cool night out, I highly recommend getting yourself a ticket. On another note, this show smartened me right up. I'm in New York to create cool shit, thanks for the reminder Fuerza Bruta. Happy TGIF x -C