// a note from the designer

We all work hard. Some days so hard the word 'nap' sounds like a vacation to a tropical island. ckd summer collection was created not for the hard days, but for the days that aren't so hard. The days that Pinterest likes to call "learn to love the process".  The collection was created for those Friday's at 5:30pm when I meet Dan at the train station to catch the 6:15 train to the Jersey Shore, where we sip on our extra large Bud Lights and double check the weather for sunshine. And for those mornings at home when I allow myself to sleep-in until 10 am and do nothing for the next three hours other than sit in my aunts backyard and refill my coffee. Or for those moments when I'm running from work to a meeting on the opposite side of town seriously sweating and laughing at myself at the thought of my crazy life. Life really isn't that serious. So I purposely took the time to stop and enjoy what I love to do and created a collection with bright colors, and Flamingos. Yup. Flamingos. His name is Floyd the Flamingo, and I can't wait for you to meet him tomorrow. 

I've learned to "love the process" a little more while designing this collection. I hope you enjoy it as much I did creating it [launch date tomorrow!]. x -C