It's here! Summer time and it's summer collection. I had loads of fun designing this collection. The colours have been carefully selected to work beautifully when paired with my spring Collection N Eleven. If you missed the full story behind the ckd summer collection, you can click here and have a quick read. It's really just all about slowing down and remembering to have fun.  So GO have a look, I would love to hear what you think about it. Don't forget to say whatsup to Floyd. He's my favourite part of this entire collection. Dan and I actually have a funny story about Floyd's painting trials - I couldn't get his feet right for the life of me. After trial five, they finally looked normal... I guess you had to be there, and I'm not showing you the trials, I couldn't embarrass Floyd like that.  Umm what else, if you're interested in ordering a print for yourself email me at any time, kayecandice@gmail.com. And don't forget I offer completely custom services, so colour and scale changes are all possible. 

Happy Wednesday. Oh, there is one more thing, new horoscopes are up! x -C