// train rides

I was on my way back to the city when I took this. There is something about train rides that makes my brain want to think about the meaning of life. It likes to drill me with questions like -why can't we just stay down at the Jersey Shore and buy ourselves a beach house with the money we don't have, and sip on margaritas everyday with the money we don't have, why are we going back to that crazy city, it just means work etc.etc. My heart pulls me back to the city and keeps my adrenaline running, while my brain likes to slow me down with all the boring logistics- like buying a beach house with the money I don't have. Just a couple Million I'm sure. Just. In other news, isn't that view glorious? Every time I stop to look at views like this, I'm reminded of all the views I haven't seen. I'm not waiting around though, the fall collection is launching in the next few weeks, and I'm in the process of designing the winter collection. Full speed ahead. Operation let my work guide me to places I see on Pinterest. #CoffeeTalk