One of Dan's old housemates sent me the best present the other day - a downloadable file of the new Cinderella. If "Wonder" [the new ckd Fall collection] didn't give it away, I'm a fairytale snob. Magic and a fairy dust make me a very happy person, which is why I still enjoy Disney movies. At 27. Anyway, the new Cinderella was everything I hoped for and more. The costumes, the set design, the beautiful carriage were all done perfectly. So much inspiration running through my head. It would be a dream to do all the textile design for the next Disney movie. One thing at a time, so in the meantime, I can't wait to show you whats in store for Fall. Shouldn't be too much longer now before it launches. Maybe one day when I have my very own CKD headquarters my office entrance will be this carriage. Too much? Happy Friday ya'll. x -C