// Location: Miami

So, I just read my horoscope and it couldn't be more accurate. According to Cal, Cancers "... could really use a trip to Tahiti." I'm so ready to bail out of all this work and escape to an island and sit myself down on a beach chair, wear nothing but a swim suit, hear nothing but ocean, and see nothing but ocean, and go to bed early, and wake up early to make sure I get the best sun, and maybe take up surfing lessons because I've always wanted to be a surf babe, and think of nothing other than whether or not I've put enough sun screen on. Instead, I'm stuck in this sticky heat of New York summer, cooling myself off with my air conditioner and exhausted from not enough time in my day. Life of luxury people. I'll daydream in the meantime... of miami because I've never been to Tahiti. x -C