// Morning dreaming

It's Fashion Week in New York, a week for the past two years since living here has been my favourite week of the year. The weather is still beautiful, lower Manhattan is packed with fashionable people and photographers, and parties filled with celebrities go all night long. I shot runway my first year in New York. I loved everything about the photographers pit  and shooting street style. It's funny how much life can change in just a year or so. I'm currently home, taking a little break from New York, sitting in my backyard and working on my newest design collaboration with Rogers. I plan to return to all the fashion week fun, just the next time not holding my camera crammed in the photographers pit, or running around chasing all the well dressed street style. Perhaps I make a runway of my own? Interior textile on runway with moving walls and a chandelier stage. I like the sounds of that :) Dreaming big over here. I hope you're enjoying the morning! x -C