// Saratoga race track 

I finally got around to editing these photos from Saratoga. I forgot how beautiful this weekend was. I took my camera out only on the first day of the weekend. Carrying around something heavy for the big Travers race [Saratoga's big race of the year] starring the American Pharoah was something I didn't want to deal with. The day of Travers race did have the best street style though so I sort of screwed up. You should have seen some of the hats. One lady literally wore a hat made out of big bows. The ugliest thing I have ever seen. There were people of all kinds at the track. Classiest of the classiest, trashy trying to be classy, hardcore gamblers, and then families scattered in between. The races go all day. I believe they started at around 11 am and ended the last race at around 6 pm. The day sort of reminded me of fashion week, minus all the running around from location to location. The races literally last like 5-6 minutes. For five minutes everyone stops to either watch the TV's in front of them or lock their eyes on the track. Then for the last sayy 5 seconds everyone just starts screaming [by screaming I mean yelling]. It's all very exciting. After the race is done, there's a half hour gap to refill your drinks and place your bets. I'm pretty much hooked. It will be my goal next year to get the ladies down for the weekend. Big hats, cute outfits, champagne and $12 bets. Yes please.