// Location: Bryant Park 

This past Saturday night was spent at Bryant Park sitting on a blanket and sipping on a bottle of prosecco. Not alone. Promise, Dan was with me. Anyway, my mind was doing that usual thing it does - run 1 million miles per minute. It was thinking about present, past, future, things I want to do, things I don't have time to do, I think at one point it even went as far back as last year. I do this to myself often - especially lately - put myself down for things I haven't done yet. So today I thought I would write something positive. About stuff I have done that have been pretty f***kin cool. Like being able to sit in a field of grass with beautiful trees around me in the middle of a bunch of huge ass buildings. Or moving to New York - a place I never thought I'd be [never mind three years later] taking chances on myself and pushing towards my dream. Pretty f***kin cool. So is that $14.00 tank that I found in a surf shop on the Jersey Shore. I wore it almost everyday this summer :) 

New Horoscopes are up peeps. It's Wednesday, duh.