OK first of all, that photo is so old it looks vintage. It's crazy to think that in just less than five months Candice Kaye Design has launched three collections.  It's even crazier to think that I haven't made a video let alone take video footage like this in the last five months. Like who am I? I used to be selfie taker-video making- always having fun- never take things too seriously-Candice, and lately I've become over worked-over thinking Candice and well, that's super boring. It's easy in New York City to sort of get caught up in it all. And when I say get "caught up in it all", I mean you turn into that person that takes three hours to take a photo of your work space just so you can take a photo that looks identical to another designer's instagram.  So, today I'm shaking it off. I'm about to take another huge leap of faith into the world of unknown. A leap that has been the hardest to wrap my head around. But it's time, now or never. It's safe to say I've been living off tarot cards and horoscopes lately. I'm taking this Friday afternoon to reflect back. Gotta get that Candice back who was ball-sy enough to wear that outfit in public.

 Flying home this weekend for some family, girlfriend's bridal shower love, so I shall talk to you Monday. Happy Friday x -C