The beginning of my 2016 has been cleaning up the mess of what 2015 has left. But I've been cleaning while singing to Justin Biebs or some really good Country playlist on my Apple Music, sipping on a beer, and dancing. The faster I clean the faster I can finally start fresh and move forward. 2015 introduced me to the world of panic attacks and high stress [so fun]. I was literally out of commission for the month of September. I would get waves of dizziness, at times my vision would get blurry, and I couldn't sleep for the life of me. It was probably the scariest month of my life. The only medicine to cure what I was going through was myself [that to me was the scariest part]. I found my way out of that mess and am perfectly fine now, but have learned a lot about myself, what matters, and whatever I can't control I have to leave alone. Which is why I'm taking my time in 2016. Whatever I create will be created with time and attention [new collection details coming in the following post], and whatever dinner date Dan and I go on, or nights out will be enjoyed as if I'm not a designer and I have no stress with nothing planned for the following week. Unless of course I run into Kanye West and he's like "Yo CK, wanna do a collaboration with me for my next collection?", then, then I'm a designer again. So this weekend was exactly this - Friday night Rach and I got all dressed up for New York City, found ourselves at 1 Oak with NFL players and I enjoyed every single free vodka soda I sipped on. Saturday Dan was home from call at the hospital so we walked around, went to a German bar, got ourselves a liter of beer each, and ended the night at Gotham Market [highly recommended]. 

The Golden Globes was the perfect end to the weekend. An award show one day I dream of attending. I hope you guys had a lovely weekend, Cheers to a new week! x -C