// Tarot Cards

Before I moved to New York for textile design, or before I even thought there was a possibility I could live in New York for textile design, I would sit in my room and sketch and watch documentaries. I went through a Paris phase. My fascination got so real that I hopped on a flight to visit Britt in Cardiff, Wales and did a four day visit to Paris alone in between our visit to see Ash in London.  The many reasons why I wish I lived in Europe. Paris being just a 80 Euro train ride away. The documentaries that I would sit and watch were mainly about designers and revolutionary thinkers. One of them being Gabrielle Chanel. I just recently saw a insta post from Justine Picardie, Harper's Bazaar UK editor. She said these cards were found on Gabrielle's desk in her apartment at 31 Rue Cambon. Hers are a lot cooler but I've been pretending to read tarot cards for some time now and love them. I got the Wild Unknown about 4 years ago now and just recently do I feel like they are starting to make sense. I also still don't really know what I'm doing and just read the basic past, present, future. But I have to say they have been pretty spot on when it comes to future and people [so much so that I catch Dan playing with them as well, shh don't tell him I told you]. I love the idea of magic. It's just so delicious.